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Kyougen [Limited: DVD & Book Edition] [CD+DVD+Goods]

Kyougen [Limited: DVD & Book Edition] [CD+DVD+Goods]


Estimated date to start shipping: July 10, 2024

Release Date: January 26, 2022

Limited: DVD & Book Edition
- CD
- Book
- Hardcover case (H: Approx. 199mm x W: Approx. 150mm x D: Approx. 20mm)
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Product Description

Ado’s First Album.

01 Readymade
02 Odo
03 Domestic De Violence
04 FREEDOM (Songwriting: Jon-Yakitory)
05 Fireworks (Songwriting: Whale Don't Sleep)
06 Aitakute (Songwriting: Mewhan / Arrangement: Mewhan, Mikito P)
07 Lucky Bruto (Songwriting: Hiiragi Kirai)
08 Gira Gira (Songwriting: Teniwoha)
09 Ashura-chan (Songwriting: Neru)
10 Kokoro to iu Na no Fukakai (Songwriting: Mafumafu)
11 Usseewa (Songwriting: Syudou)
12 Motherland (Songwriting: Nilfruits)
13 Kagakushu (Songwriting: Ine)
14 Yoru no Pierrot (Songwriting: Biz)

[Limited: DVD & Book Edition]
- CD
- DVD: Music Video (with Ado’s audio commentary) of Usseewa, Readymade, Gira Gira, Odo, Your no Pierrot, Aitakute, Ashura-chan
- Book: Full color, over 40 pages, including numerous illustration by image director ORIHARA.
- Hard Cover Case (H: Approx. 199mm x W: Approx. 150mm x D: Approx. 20mm)

Kyougen [Limited: DVD & Book Edition] [CD+DVD+Goods] (TYCT-69203)