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※Currently this site is for international customers only. Domestic customers can purchase items, but only international shipping is available. We do not deliver items within Japan.
Domestic service will be available soom. Stay tuned!!

Getting Started with Member Registration

Before You Register:

Ensure your email accepts messages from [] to get our registration and verification emails. Not doing so might block you from registering.

Starting Your Registration:

  1. Access Registration: Head to the "My Page" icon at the top right of our homepage. You'll find screenshots attached to ease your registration journey.

  2. Submit Your Email: Type in your email address, which will serve as your member ID, and hit "submit." This email is key to your account with us.

  3. Verification Process: After entering your email, you’ll receive a 6-digit code via email. This code is crucial for completing your signup. Please enter it where prompted to finish setting up your account.


    Important Details:

    • Code Expiry: The 6-digit login code is only active for 15 minutes. If it expires, you’ll need a new one for each login. Note that creating a password isn't part of our signup.
    • Didn’t Get the Email?: If our email doesn’t show up, double-check your email settings, look through your spam or trash folders, and make sure [] is not blocked. Repeat these steps if necessary.

    Once you've successfully completed these steps, your shipping and contact details provided during any purchase are saved to your member profile. You can view and update this info anytime on "My Page."

    Quick Guide to Shopping

    Before You Start: Ensure you're registered and logged in to shop. 

    How to Shop:

    • Choose Your Items: Browse our catalog. Use "Add to cart" for items you want, or "Buy it now" to skip straight to purchase.

    • Review Your Cart: Check your cart’s contents (titles, quantities, etc.) and click "Check out" to proceed.

    • Enter Your Details: Provide your shipping address and payment method.
    • Finalize Purchase: Confirm all details are correct and click "Pay Now" to complete your order.


    Shipping Details:

    • Consolidated Shipments: All items in an order ship together at the latest date available.
    • Pre-order vs. Regular Items: For separate shipping of pre-order and regular items, please place distinct orders.
    • Shipping Costs: Total payment includes item price and shipping, calculated after address entry.

    Important to Know:

    • Check Local Regulations: Before buying, please ensure you understand your local import rules to avoid issues with cancellations or returns.
    • Media Product Compatibility: Be aware of region codes for DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, and video games. Japan uses region code 2 for DVDs and A for Blu-ray Discs. Ensure your player is compatible.

    Order Information Submission Guide

    • Getting Your Order Right:

    To get your items from Ado Official Music Shop to you smoothly, it's vital to carefully enter your shipping details: the name, address, and contact info must be accurate for successful delivery.

    • Steps for Entering Your Address:

    Be Precise: Make sure all shipping address details are correct to avoid delivery issues.

    For International Customers:

    Use single-byte alphanumeric characters for your address to ensure proper handling of your order abroad.

    Confirmation Email:

    After placing your order, you'll receive a confirmation email. Make sure [] is not blocked by your email settings.
    Also this email serves as your receipt. If you need a paper receipt, please print this e-mail and use it as a receipt.

    Important Notes:

    • Address Changes: Once your order is placed, the shipping address can't be changed. Double-check your address before confirming your order.
    • Non-Delivery Policy: We can't cancel, refund, or resend orders if they can't be delivered due to incorrect address entry, relocation, absence, or unpaid customs duties. The store isn't liable for lost packages due to these reasons.
    • Accuracy Matters: Incorrect address details can significantly delay your order. Ensure your shipping address is entered correctly.


    Shipping Method Selection and Guidelines


    Your selections from Ado Official Music Shop are dispatched directly from Japan. Here's a breakdown of shipping methods and guidelines to ensure your order is processed smoothly.


    Currently only international shipping available. 

    Domestic Shipping within Japan:

    • Carrier: Orders are shipped via Yamato Transport (Note: Standard mail delivery is not available).
    • Shipping Fee: A flat rate of 800 yen (tax included) applies.
    • Delivery Scheduling: Arrange specific delivery times through Yamato Transport's scheduling service, available:

    Order Tracking:

    • Parcel Inquiry Service: Track your order's delivery status by using the "Parcel Inquiry Service" link found in the "Shipping Status" section of the "Shipment Completion" email, entering your provided "Inquiry Number".
    • My Page Tracking: Additionally, you can monitor your order's details, including the estimated shipping date and inquiry number, by navigating to "My Page" >"Orders" after logging in.


    International Shipping:

    • Available Carriers: Choose between DHL and EMS for international deliveries, with fees based on your destination. 
    • DHL: If you choose DHL, please ensure your address is entered in English.
    • Visit DHL's English website here for more details:
    • Signature Requirement: A signature may be needed at delivery. If you're not present, a notice will be left, or the package will be re-delivered later.
    • Missing "Shipment Complete" Email: Should you not receive this email, please directly contact the carrier.

    Key Shipping Policies:

    • Unified Shipping: We ship all items in an order together based on the latest available shipping date.
    • Pre-orders and Regular Items: For earlier delivery of regular items, please place them in a separate order from pre-order items.
    • Invoice Inclusion: Each order includes an invoice essential for possible replacements. Please keep it in a safe place.

    Special Considerations:

    • Geographic Restrictions: Shipping restrictions to certain countries or regions may apply. You'll be notified during the selection process if your order is affected.
    • Cancellation Potential: Orders may be cancelled due to shipping complications or global conditions, even after confirmation.
    • China Shipments: Packages not cleared through customs or with unpaid duties in China will be disposed of, with no refunds issued for these packages.

    Payment Method

    Explore the variety of payment methods available at Ado Official Music Shop, tailored to fit the diverse needs of our global customer base. Each payment option is designed for transparency and efficiency, adapting to the specific products you choose.


    Credit Card Payments

    • Accepted Cards:

    VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB. 

    • Limit: Up to 300,000 yen (tax included) covering all costs. Payment is required in full.
    • Fees: No extra charges for using your credit card.
    • Billing:
      • Charges apply immediately upon order confirmation.
      • Debit dates depend on your card issuer’s policy.
      • Check each product page for specific billing timings.
    • Security Code: Located on the back of your card, this is the last three digits after your card number.


    • Notes:
      • Cards must match the name of the person ordering.
      • No installments; full payment only.
      • Some debit/prepaid cards might not work; check with your bank.


    PayPal Payments

    • A leading secure payment service with over 400 million users worldwide.
    • Limit: Just like credit cards, up to 300,000 yen (tax included).
    • Fees: No additional PayPal transaction fees.
    • Billing:
      • Payments are processed upon order confirmation.
      • Payment timing may vary by product; see product pages for details.
    • Using PayPal:
      • Supports Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover, UnionPay.
      • Your PayPal shipping address must match your store order.


    International Orders

    Be aware of potential import taxes, fees, duties, and other charges for orders shipped outside Japan. For detailed information on customs duties:

    Returns, Exchanges, and Cancellations Policy

    At Ado Official Music Shop, our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction while maintaining the integrity of our transactions. Our policies on returns, exchanges, and cancellations are designed to be fair and transparent.

    Here's an updated overview:

    General Policy:

    • No Convenience-Based Changes: We do not accept changes, returns, exchanges, or cancellations for personal reasons. Ensure all order details are correct before finalizing.

    For International Orders:

    • Compliance with Local Laws: For customers outside Japan, returns are possible within 14 days of receipt following our process, aligning with local laws in the EU and UK.

    Non-Returnable Circumstances:

    • Delivery Errors and Address Issues: Orders returned for reasons such as incorrect address, relocation, absence, or unpaid customs will not be eligible for cancellation or reshipment. It's crucial to provide accurate shipping information.

    Specific Conditions on Returns and Exchanges:

    • Warehouse Policy: Items in our warehouse for more than 8 days post-arrival cannot be returned or exchanged. Check your order promptly upon receipt.
    • Defective Products and Replacement Policy: If your order is defective or incorrect, contact us within 7 days. However, we cannot accept returns/exchanges if we're unable to find a suitable replacement.
    • Condition of Returned Items: Only unused items in their original packaging, including all accessories and enclosures, are eligible for return or exchange. Damaged, soiled, or used items will not be accepted.
    • Damage During Shipping: If your order arrives damaged, keep all packaging and immediately contact the delivery company. Do not discard the shipping box as it may be needed for the exchange process.
    • Delivery Note Retention: The delivery note is crucial for any returns or exchanges. Loss of this document may void the possibility of return or exchange.
    • Exchanges for Unused Goods: We only exchange items that are in new condition. Used, washed, or damaged goods by the customer will not be eligible.
    • Playback Issues: Exchanges due to compatibility or playback issues with devices other than specified media players are not accepted.


    Additional Information

    • Customer Support

    At Ado Official Music Shop, ensuring your satisfaction and providing top-notch customer service are our priorities. For any inquiries:

    • Language: Please submit your questions through our contact form in Japanese or English to help us offer you precise and swift assistance.
    • Support Range: Whether it's a question about our products or your order, we're here to help.

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