Product Description

Songtrack album of the anime movie "ONE PIECE FILM RED". Ado takes charge of the singing part of songstress UTA from the movie.

01 New Genesis (Songwriting: Yasutaka Nakata)
02 I'm invincible (Songwriting: Mrs. GREEN APPLE)
03 Backlight (Songwriting: Vaundy)
04 Fleeting Lullaby (Songwriting: FAKE TYPE.)
05 Tot Musica (Songwriting: Hiroyuki Sawano)
06 The World's Continuation (Songwriting: Yuta Orisaka)
07 Where the Wind Blows (Songwriting: Motohiro Hata)
08 BINKUSUNO SAKE *Special Track
09 Where the Wind Blows" (Child Ver.) *Bonus Track
10 The World's Continuation" (Youth Ver.) *Bonus Track

DVD: Music Videos (with Ado's audio commentary)
01 New Genesis
02 I'm invincible
03 Backlight

[Limited: CD+DVD Edition]
Includes bonus tracks Where the Wind Blows (Child Ver.) and The World's Continuation (Youth Ver.) which were played in the movie. The DVD includes music videos of New Genesis, I’m invincible and Backlight. Ado's audio commentary is included as a side audio bonus.

UTA'S SONGS ONE PIECE FILM RED [Limited Edition] [CD+DVD] (TYCT-69245)