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The 21-year-old “Utaite” Ado, who sold out her first world tour, and has become the first female solo artist ever to sell out live shows at Japan National Stadium, is set to release her highly anticipated second original album following “Kyougen” in 2022. The album will include the mega-hit “Show” which Ado performed at her first appearance on “Kouhaku Uta Gassen”, "Kura Kura," the opening theme song for the anime series "SPY×FAMILY" Season 2, "Himawari," the theme song for the TBS TV drama series "18/40 -Futari nara Yume mo Koi mo-", "Chocolat Cadabra," the first release of 2024 which is also the commercial song for Lotte Chocolate 60th anniversary, as well as several brand-new songs.
Limited Quantity Big Acrylic Stand & Blu-ray Edition, Limited Blu-ray Edition, and Limited DVD Edition will include the live video of the powerful performance from the Los Angeles show of THE FIRST WORLD TOUR "Wish" which astonished and delighted the whole world.

Music: Yunosuke/ Lyrics: Gyuniku

Music & Lyrics: Sheena Ringo
*Theme song for the film “Re/Member”

Music & Lyrics: B’z
*Theme song for the film "The Silent Service"

4.Chocolat Cadabra
Music: TAKU INOUE/ Lyrics: Camellia
*Lotte Chocolate 60th anniversary commercial song

5.Kura Kura
Music & Lyrics: meiyo/ Arrangement: Yoko Kanno x SEATBELTS
*Opening theme song for the anime series "SPY×FAMILY" Season 2

6.I’m a Controversy
Music & Lyrics: PinocchioP

Music & Lyrics: Chinozo
*Insert song for the film "Re/Member"

8.All Night Radio
Music & Lyrics: Mitchie M
*Theme song for the live-streamed theatrical play "Ano Yoru de Aetara"

Music & Lyrics: Mewhan/ Arrangement: 40mP
*Theme song for TBS TV drama series "18/40 -Futari nara Yume mo Koi mo-"

10.Eien No Akuruhi
Music & Lyrics: Teniwoha

Music & Lyrics: natori

Music & Lyrics: MARETU
*Theme song for Fuji TV drama "Billion x School"

Music : Giga & TeddyLoid/ Lyrics: TOPHAMHAT-KYO
*Theme song for Universal Studios Japan's Halloween campaign "Zombie de Dance"

Music & Lyrics: Vaundy
*Theme song for Fuji TV's "Mezamashi TV" (2023)

Music & Lyrics: Police Piccadilly

Music & Lyrics: Sheeno Mirin

[Limited Quantity Big Acrylic Stand & Blu-ray Edition]
*Exclusive to Ado Official Music Shop & UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE
CD + Big Acrylic Stand + Blu-ray + Deluxe Booklet + Hard Cover Case

Big Acrylic Stand (approx. overall dimension: H 297mm x W 210mm / detailed descriptions to be announced later)
Blu-ray (live video of Ado THE FIRST WORLD TOUR "Wish" in Los Angeles)
Deluxe Booklet (approx. dimension: H 188mm x W 138mm)
Hard Cover Case (approx. dimension: H 198.5mm x W 146.5mm)

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Zanmu [Limited Quantity Big Acrylic Stand & Blu-ray Edition][CD+GOODS+Blu-ray] (PDCV-1240)